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KAP's origins were in automotive engineering and we cover a vast range of work including:


Cylinder Head Work

Service Description Prices (+vat)         
Cylinder Head Skim (Aluminium) At KAP the cylinder head skim is by far the most populoar service. Using our state of the art AZ machinery our diamond tipped cutter ensures all our heads are perfectly straight with a fantaic finish. Any distortion is removed for the perfect seal between head and block. Precision of <0.1 thou is available.   from £55
Cylinder Head Grind (Cast Iron) Unlike the alluminium heads cast iron heads need to be ground down. With our equipment we can ensure the perfect finish is achieved with our experienced engineers knowing the cruical speed of the grind. We can accomodate any size head from small a series heads upto 6 cylinder JCB heads weighing in at well over 100kg. from £55
Pressure Test (4 cylinder) Often when a vehicle is showing signs of a head gasket then it is recommended to carry out a pressure test prior to a skim. The cylinder heads are subject to high pressures throughout the waterways so even the smallest of cracks can be identified. We can also test egr and oil coolers in much the same fashion.  £75
Pressure Test (6 cylinder) As above but with the larger cylinder heads. £90  
Valve Seat Recutting (single angle) We have a huge assorted of cutting cuts that allow us to provide the perfect match to your engine. With the opening and closing of valves thousands of times a minute; over a period of time valves and valve seats can show signs of wear and pitting. With our fixed Sunnen machinery we can ensure the correct angle is cut with incredible precision (upto 0.1 thou). £10 per seat
Valve Seat Recutting (3+ angle cut) We can also offer 3+ angle valve seats. This allows the air to flow better across the valve seat and can have significant perfromance gains. As with all our work at KAP we ensure that the correct angle of the valve seat itself is maintained and cut perfectly. £12 per seat  
Valve Refacing Using our machinery we can provide very accurate cuts to the valves providing the best seal. We can cut valves at all angles. £10 per valve  
Full Valve Service  Valve refacing including shot blasting to decoke and balancing £15 per valve
Valve Guide Replacement Over time valve guides can become warn reducing perfromance, in tighter tolerances this can cause issues with valves touching and ulitmately catrostophic failure. New valve guides ensure than the valve has no lateral movement. £10 per guide
Valve Guide Ream & Hone When fitting oversized valves or new valve guides it is often necessary to hone or ream the valve guides to ensure exact tolerances.  £8 per guide
Valve Seat Inserts - Fitting Usually for cast iron heads wanting to go to unleaded conversion. New seats are cut and then pressed into the cutouts created. We then can recut the new valve seats to correct specification. from £35 each
Port and Polish (Stage 1)

Our most basic option when it comes to port and polishing. Here we remove excess material enhancing the flow through the cylinder head using our equipment. Inlets are knife edged and exhaust ports are polished. We have a lot of experience with various heads, typically we spend around  5-10 Hours enhancing flow at stage 1.

from £250
Port and Polish (Stage 2)

Similar to our stage 1 but we go that one step further and include port matching. We ask that the inlet and exhaust manifolds are provided so that we may ensure the perfect match. There is a suprising amount to be gained when port matching. 

from £350
Port and Polish (Race)

Our stage 3 port and polish allows the maximum amount of material removed, typically for race engines with very high lift cams where the benefit is best seen.

from £450


  • Cylinder head resurfacing
  • Valve, valve seat and valve guide replacement and
  • Pressure testing of all components (cylinder head oil coolers, block etc).
  • Specialist welding including Aluminium and stainless steel.
  • Plus loads more

If you ever need any work doing, advice or second opinions, please come and visit or contact us below and we will be more than happy to assist. We have many years of experience in servcing and engineering work on all vehicles and more. If you have a certain requirement not listed here please get in touch.

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