Vehicle Battery Replacement 


Your vehicles battery is the only source of independent power your vehicle has so keeping them in tip top condition is important to the healthy running of your car or van.

Batteries, as you may expect are more likely to fail when the weather turns colder and damper during the winter months however, they can also fail without giving warning in the summer.

AT KAP, our trained technicians will check your battery over and give you a print out on the health and charge of your battery.

If your battery needs replacing we will provide a no-obligation quotation. All the batteries we use are fully fitted and come with a manufacturer's warranty for 3 or 5 years. This service normally can be carried out the same day, while you wait, although some vehicle makes like Bentley can take a bit longer as it means re-setting the on board computer settings as well.

Remember batteries are put under severe pressure when starting the engine and a poorly maintained battery can lead to substantial drop in the electrical charge, this can, in severe cases lead to damage of the sensitive electrical devices in your vehicle such as sat navs, on board computers etc.



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